In response to evolving governmental regulations and the overall intent of your Board to keep the Palm Beach Towers as safe as possible during this Corona Virus Pandemic, we are immediately implementing additional guidelines to supplement those previously circulated.

  1. Family arriving from other locations to reside in the building are expected to be
    self-quarantined for 14 days.
  2. We are expanding temperature taking to everyone entering the front lobby and through the maintenance entrance.
  3. A number of fire doors will be locked for entrance from the outside. The main side entrances on the south and north sides of the building will remain available with a key fob. However, security will be increasingly vigilant that everyone respect the rules for entering the building previously distributed. The $500 fine will be enforced.
  4. Elevator Use: Please respectfully decline multiple use of an elevator and patiently wait for the cab to return. We must rely on the good nature of everyone to make this initiative successful.
  5. Pool and Pool Area: We are asking the pool attendants to insist that everyone respect all rules and regulations for the use of the area, and especially the need for social distancing. We are restricting the pool use to SIX people at once. Where there are a number of people anxious to use the pool, restrict your time to 15 minutes. Should this approach fail in practice we will be forced to close the pool entirely during this unfortunate corona virus pandemic. Additionally, the hot tub is being closed. We ask that everyone be respectful of our pool attendants who are charged with implementing all Board determined rules and regulations.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors
R. Joseph Fuchs, President